Hear From Our Happy Customers

Our goal is to make windows and doors that last, but we know life can happen. So, when it comes to providing service, we approach it the same way we approach making our windows and doors. Total Quality Management.

Dealing with our team is easy because there are no barriers between departments and everyone, even high-level executives, are committed and involved. If you have an issue, we’ll solve it in the most time and cost efficient manner.

But you probably want to hear what our customers have to say about our products and service instead:

We’re really happy with our new windows! Dayside had installed windows for us before and they were great so we had no doubt these ones would be too. We had them replace four windows and create two new window openings to let in more light. When we got the quote they were great. They came in and measured quickly and were very professional. We just got our new windows in the spring so we haven’t had a chance to see a difference in energy efficiency but I am sure we will! For the quality of work and price I’d definitely recommend Dayside Windows and Doors.

Aline N. | Hamilton, On

Dayside was absolutely great and we love the windows. We had to get 16 windows and two doors replaced. Our older house was outfitted with the original windows from 1954 and every single one was broken and needed to be replaced. I liked that the sales guy was really down to earth, wasn’t pushy and didn’t try to pressure us into anything. The windows and doors were installed quickly and now we have windows that actually open and as a bonus they block the noise from the street. I would definitely recommend Dayside Windows and Doors!

Gloria P. | Cambridge, On

I heard about Dayside through a friend and when I was ready to get my older windows replaced I contacted them right away. They were a bit more expensive than the other one I looked at but worth it as it is some of the best work I’ve ever had done. The materials, the workmanship, the sliders, even the flashing is all superior. My older windows were no longer energy efficient so I was pleased with Dayside’s variety of models. You can really see the difference. They measured within two weeks and were out to install shortly after. I would absolutely recommend them, I’ve actually already talked another friend into going with them. The level of professionalism and quality of work was great.

Don G. | Ayr, On

We first heard of Dayside when neighbours requested a quote for them and got all the windows in their house replaced. When we spoke to them they said it was great so we got a quote too. We had to wait a few months because the weather was so up and down but when we were ready Dayside honoured the original quote even though it was well past their 30 day price guarantee, which I thought was great. They put a custom fit kitchen window in for us and so far the product has held up wonderfully. We always had problems with wind coming through but ever since we got the new window installed I can stand at the sink doing dishes and not have my hair blowing everywhere.

Lori P. | Brantford, On

Dayside caught our attention with a flyer we received in the mail. We filed it away for future reference but then we had friends in Hamilton who’d dealt with them and had great service so we decided to look a little closer at them. We went into their showroom and dealt with Lou who showed us the different products, including an easy to clean window concept. When we were ready to move forward we took advantage of their 0% financing and monthly payments which fit nicely with our financial situation. The install was great, the crew was efficient and tidy which we were very pleased with. They installed eight windows in the middle of February during some of the worst weather. The price was great and the product is good. If anyone asks me I’ll say look at Dayside first.

Mike | Brantford, On

Our windows needed to be updated, they were 24 years old and in an old house we were starting to feel drafts. I know one of the owners of Dayside Windows and Doors so I thought I’d give them a try. The buying process was easy and the workers were wonderful. I had three guys come out and they showed up when they were supposed to, cleaned everything up nicely and got all of the windows replaced in one day. I was concerned about my dog being in the house while they were there but they made sure he didn’t get out while they were working. I would definitely recommend Dayside to anyone.

Carolyn | Brantford, On

My sister had a lot of windows replaced previously and she was very pleased with the work Dayside did on her home. Because she was happy with them I chose them as well and I had to agree. The quality of workmanship and attention to detail was exactly what I was looking for.

Wysoci | Hamilton, On

We had one window frame that was rotten and leaking so we knew it was time to replace our windows. We had a neighbor recommend Dayside saying that the work was excellent and I’d agree. I’d give them a 5 out of 5 on workmanship and price.

Parker | Kitchener, On

We used Dayside a couple years ago and were very happy with the work at the time so when we decided to get the rest of the windows done we chose Dayside again. They did a very good job. They were efficient and they did what they said they were going to do. They didn’t make idle promises they couldn’t deliver.

Gallacher | Ancaster, On

Our windows were drafty and it was time to replace them, luckily we’d heard about Dayside Windows and Doors. They had a good reputation as well as a summer special. A salesman came down and within two weeks we had the new windows in. They took the time to make sure the job was done neatly and installed properly. My wife also likes them because she finds them easier to clean than other windows we looked at. I’d definitely give them an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Mantel | Lynden, On

Last week, an energy audit using the Energuide home appraisal system was conducted at our home as part of the local Residential Energy Efficiency Program. As part of the audit, all windows and doors were closed and a large fan with various meters and instruments was attached to the front door. The test indicated that there was very little air leakage as they tried to suck out all the air in the house. In their words, they said we had the best windows they had yet come across. In the last 2 years we’ve replaced all our windows with Dayside and they’ve operated flawlessly since they were installed.

Michael B. | Kitchener

I have to admit that before I started the process I was prepared to have to fight for my rights as a consumer. It was so refreshing to deal with a company that stood behind their product, showed concern and respect for a customer, and to be dealt with so cheerfully was such a change in these days of rude and aloof business people.

Recently our family experienced a house fire. Six months prior, we had Dayside windows installed. We were spared the full extent of loss, we feel, because of recent upgrades to our windows. During the fire the windows experience temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite this punishment the outer window seal was not compromised so that the fire was contained due to lack of oxygen. We feel that your windows were instrumental in the fact that we did not suffer severe loss in the fire.

Stuart C. | Milton

We want to formally thank you for the high quality window and door product you supplied for our R2000 Demonstration Project. As you know, R2000 homes must pass a stringent air leakage test. Our home passed this test last week at just slightly over 2 of the allowable air leakage permitted within the R2000 program. Your windows are part of the building envelope and as such help make or break our efforts on the rest of the envelope. Thanks for the good work.

Byron D. | St. Catherines

We are so pleased with our new windows. They look wonderful and have dramatically updated and improved the appearance of our home. We really noticed the benefit of these new energy efficient windows during the past hot and sunny weekend. The dining room was much cooler than before, despite the larger size window (and no blinds yet!) We are sure to save considerable heating and cooling costs.

Rick S. | Waterdown

I just wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am with how I was treated right from my first phone call, and the quality of your work.

Generally speaking I am very leery of contracting organizations to perform work on my house, due to past experiences. However, in this case I have been motivated to comment on your business in writing. Your sales representative has done an outstanding job of communicating the virtues of your business, he did not over promise or under deliver. As for the installation team, I cannot stress how professional and caring they were. In this case, I felt like the team treated my house as if it were their own! I cannot over emphasize how much that means to a home owner! Congratulations on hiring a staff that truly has a passion for old fashioned quality.

Mike | Mississauga, On

My wife and I feel it is important to express the fact that we have never had a better Customer Satisfaction Experience with Dayside. It is an excellent example of teamwork between all facets of your company from the Sales to Installation and then to Service. You should be commended for your focus on Customer Satisfaction and the fact that you invest in a quality product supported by quality personnel. Some of the names that impressed us were Joe, Leszek and his team and the installation cordinator which I believe was Ellie.

Joe’s experience and commitment to his customer was impressive. Sales people I have dealt with in the past would make the sale and you would never hear from them again. It was refreshing to deal with a salesperson who actually cared about their customer. Joe even dropped in several times during the installation to ensure everything was on track. Now I understand why you call them Project Managers because he is truly more than a Sales Rep. It was mainly because of Joe’s attitude, knowledge and his commitment to us the customer, that my wife and I selected Dayside. He’s a “keeper”! I also commend you on the idea of providing a tour through your plant. That was an excellent selling point as well.

It was obvious watching Leszek and his team work, that he has high standards. The detail work right down to the caulking was great. As a homeowner, it was very much appreciated, the hard work and quality installation completed by him and his team. I have never seen such a well organized and hard working team. I even received glowing comments about Leszek’s work from the Security Alarm technician who came the next day. He said he has never seen any window company leave the wiring in such a neat and efficient manner!

The anticipation of our home being turned inside out as a result of this major project of tearing out all the windows and doors in our home was creating some stress on both my wife and I. However we were pleasantly surprised by how well the installation team cleaned up inside and outside our home. All we really had to do was vacuum the house.

All the employees that we encountered from your company exhibited excellent knowledge and professionalism. The fact that the installation teams dressed professionally with their Dayside tops and were very punctual reflects well on your company. We were also impressed with the service department. There was a minor item where a basement window needed a longer stopper. Leszek indicated that he would have the service department replace it with a longer one. We expected them to arrive in a week or so, but were impressed to receive a call the next day to schedule to complete the work.

From the time we stepped into your front door, my wife and I were treated very professionally and courteously by your receptionist. We had been shopping around previous to coming to your company and my friends could not understand why I would travel all the way to Mississauga when there were many competitors in the east end of the city. After I explained to my friends the value I received from Dayside, it was clear to them why I chose your company. I view it as a partnership. I will definitely recommend Dayside to all my friends, family and fellow workers.

Dave and Audrey L. – Scarborough, On

I had 8 windows in my house replaced by your company in September 2010. I would like to commend everybody on their outstanding job! From Mark, Project Manager to Daniel N to Zig S and Dale in the scheduling department, everybody worked so well together that hiring your company has been a wonderful experience. There were no hassles, no delays, no excuses. Your co-workers were thorough, punctual, very reliable, neat and courteous. They left the premises in pristine condition. I would and will refer Dayside Windows & Doors to everybody, including all my friends. These days it is very difficult to find a company as well run as yours. Customer Service seems to be a thing of the past. You have restored my faith. Please feel free to call upon me a reference. A job well done! Thank you once again.

Elaine L. – Toronto, On

I am reporting how very pleased my husband and I are with the installation of 13 windows that have just been completed in our home. Your installation crew worked with the greatest of skill and professionalism and took less than 2 days to complete the job. They were attentive to our needs and did a complete clean up. Our salesmen also came to examine the progress of installation and to determine our level of satisfaction with the job, this was an unexpected treat that confirmed for us how attentive Dayside personnel are and what first class business Dayside really is. We highly recommend Dayside Window & Door Systems to anyone without any reservation.

Julie – Mississauga, On

We had Dayside install 22 new windows in our house last year. We shopped around and got lots of quotes, and Dayside was the best – plus because it was around home-show time, we were lucky enough to get an extra show-discount. We chose all casements, triple-pane – they sent two crews and did it all in one day. They were meticulous – the house was clean and tidy when they left, they took all debris, and were extremely professional the entire time. A year later we are extremely pleased with both the quality and install of our windows and choice of Dayside.

Claire W – Mississauga, On

I needed a new window for my basement and dealt with Arthur. He was great! Very funny and easy to deal with. He came out to the house twice for measurements and the installation crew was top notch!

Cara S. – Mississauga, On

Very good professional team of installers came to the house and installed 3 nice windows. Sales guy knew his stuff and did not pressure, more interested to tell the differences.

Greg – Brampton, On

This review is long overdue, but here it is….10 years ago I had my windows professionally installed by Dayside Window & Door System. I was cleaning my windows in the spring when one snapped. I called Dayside as they offer life time guarantee on their products. My windows were serviced and fixed by Dayside at no cost. If you are looking for reasonable priced, clean and friendly service, Dayside Window & Door system is highly recommended.

Doreen C. – Mississauga, On

Very professional and very detailed in doing the job professionally. We are extremely pleased in their work as they always asked for our opinion on how we would like the job completed. Very friendly and they worked very hard.

Joanna and Ron R. – Etobicoke, On

I’ve had a lot of tradesmen renovating my house and comparing Chris with the others, I would put him at the top of the list. He does an excellent job, he aims to please the customer and is very neat and cleans up everything before he leaves. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very polite and he respects your home. He is a great representative for Dayside Windows and Doors.

Gladys H – Etobicoke, On

Once again we are so impressed! We LOVE our new doors and really appreciate the professionalism, courtesy and workmanship that was evident through the whole process, from ordering to installation! Kris and his team did a beautiful job. Thanks again! Dayside is a company we trust and recommend to friends!

Debra H. – Mississauga, On

I would highly recommend Dayside Windows to my friends and family. Leszek and his crew were very professional and new what they were doing. We are very happy with the “new windows and how nice our house looks!” We have had many compliments. Thank you to Joe and the crew.

Mary and Kim A. – Etobicoke, On

Very pleased with Dayside through every step of the process. I appreciate the high level of professionalism and the quality of the work. I would gladly recommend to others.

Sudip and Ranjita G.